Why Choose Genesis Programs for Treatment?

Genesis Programs could be the only treatment program you will ever need.

Our outpatient alcohol and drug rehab program is a mixture of education, individual counseling, group therapy, and family counseling. We feature an empathetically compassionate combination of structure, accountability, and support. And, we have been specializing in outpatient treatment in Ventura County since 1993 giving you the peace of mind of knowing we are true experts at this level of care.

All treatment plans are individualized, comprehensive, and goal-oriented. Our program is innovative – a mixture of experiential therapies combined with 12-step concepts. While focusing on relapse prevention, we address cognitive distortion, irrational thought patterns, and codependent relationships – all part of the dynamics of addiction. In other words, we have mastered the perfect blend of evidence-based practice and practice-based evidence.

We strongly encourage involvement of family members hoping to provide a foundation of knowledge and support for them as well. We believe that it is essential to treat the whole family system, helping everyone to gain understanding of the impact addiction has on the family and the steps to recovery.

We believe that an advantage of outpatient treatment is that our patients get an opportunity to apply the recovery tools and concepts in real time. Or for those in need of a ‘live in’ program to start, outpatient treatment can also be the perfect way to bridge the transition from residential treatment back into your home.

We can help you decide if outpatient treatment is right for you.

Is Outpatient treatment right for you?
Based on our free comprehensive assessments we can help you to decide if outpatient treatment is right for you. When we meet with you we will be looking at many things, but how we qualify you for outpatient will most likely be categorized into three areas.

Physical Stability
In order to insure you are physically safe at an outpatient level, we will first need to determine if you are at any potential risk for withdrawal from alcohol, other drugs including addictive medications, that cannot be managed on an outpatient basis.

Mental and Emotional Stability
If you are under the care of a psychiatrist or therapist and have a co-occurring diagnosis that can or is being treated with non-addictive medication, such as anti-depressants, we will want to know that we can work with your provider to insure the best possible outcome. If you are prescribed an addictive medication we are still able to work with you if you and your prescribing physician are willing to explore a non-addictive alternative medication and you can be transitioned safely in an outpatient setting.

Environmental Stability
The advantage to outpatient treatment is that you will be able to continue engage in your life on a daily basis while applying the recovery concepts and tools in your personal life experiences as they come up. Part of our assessment will be to determine if your current living situation, combined with your commitment, can provide enough stability and support to give you with the best opportunity to this and be successful.

Most important, if we do not believe that you meet the criteria for outpatient treatment we will assist you in getting to the appropriate facility to meet your needs.

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Genesis Programs, Inc. is CARF accredited and certified through the Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS) as outpatient providers for substance Use Disorder rehabilitation treatment services. Certification #560032DP Exp. 11/30/2023

"Accreditation is a review to determine if programs/services meet defined international standards of quality in health and human services." ~CARF