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Our mission is to improve the quality of life for those we serve by providing individualized services that meet the unique needs of members within our community who have been directly or indirectly impacted by problematic substance use. We measure our success based on the services provided to you and your loved one’s having a positive impact in your lives. If you feel for any reason that your experience with our organization was anything short of this, we guarantee to do everything within our power to demonstrate our loyalty and commitment to you and your recovery. We ask for your feedback and input regarding your experience and a chance to make certain that we are staying true to our mission. Your feedback/input can remain anonymous or if you provide us with you contact information, we will respond to your email within 3 business days. If you would prefer for us to call directly, please note this in your feedback or input response with the best number, day and time would like to be contacted.

In the circumstance where you gave us an opportunity to address a grievance or complaint previously filed with our organization and feel that you were meet with unsatisfied results. You may also contact the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) or/and CARF International by phone, email, fax, in writing, or online through the information provided below.

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Department of Health Care Services
Licensing and Certification Division
P.O. Box 997413, MS 2601
Sacramento, CA 95899-7413

Toll Free (877) 685-8333
Fax: (916) 440-5094


Online by completing this form.


CARF International
6951 East Southpoint Road
Tucson, AZ 85756-9407

Toll free (866) 510-2273 or (866) 510-CARF

Complete the online contact form and

Fax your feedback to: (520) 318-1129

Email your comments or concerns to