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Since our inception in l993, Genesis Programs has provided outpatient drug rehab to the residents of the city of Oxnard, CA the largest city by population in Ventura County, who seek recovery from substance abuse, misuse and addiction.

With over 200K+ residents in the City of Oxnard of which 73% are Latino; and the fact that Latino community has seen a significant rise in drug abuse makes our presence, commitment and ability to provide treatment services to the community practically indispensable.

At present, there is not enough information or research that has been conducted to understand why there is a steady rise in drug abuse.

The main issue that can be surmised, is that immigration and acculturation have a correlation to the ongoing struggles of substance abuse in the Latino community. This, in turn with a common issue regarding health and privacy, creates an issue that many studies agree needs to be investigated more.

Usually, substance abuse is viewed in the Latino community as a private concern that families must deal with, rather than at a drug rehab facility.

Acculturation, which is a scenario wherein a person interacts engages and with a new surrounding and culture openly and successfully with minimal psychological distress, presents its own unique problem in the Latino community. Acculturative stress is the psychological impact of adapting to a new culture, often leaving lifelong issues.

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Another large issue that a few studies are finding is that co-occurring mood and anxiety disorders are common among Latinos that are abusing substances. Studies found that co-occurring disorders, other mental health issues alongside addiction and substance abuse, are common with Latinos, a lot more so than the general population.

Statistics show that members of the Hispanic American community may be more likely to abuse certain drugs, including:

Regardless of ethnic background, alcohol and drugs can harm people who abuse them. But the Latino community may be particularly vulnerable to additional consequences, such as:

Being aware of the signs and symptoms of addiction can help you or someone you love get help. Awareness and admitting a problem are the first steps toward recovery. Some of the symptoms of addiction include:

Age, trauma exposure, and acculturation may all contribute to addiction in Latinos. Lack of insurance, fear of deportation, and language barriers can make it hard for them to get help. Finding bilingual recovery programs that involve family members can increase the likelihood that Latinos will engage in treatment.

At Genesis Programs our vision is to serve as a catalyst for improving quality of life, eliminating the stigma of addiction, and raising the bar for ethical standards in the profession.

Genesis Programs offers a bilingual staff, giving way to easy communication for those dealing with addiction and seeking treatment. Offering not only help to those with an addiction, but to their families as well. Group therapy is available to all through their loved one’s treatment and well after, giving support, referrals and community outreach when needed.

Drug Rehab Oxnard CA

Genesis Programs – Drug Rehab Oxnard, CA – is open Monday through Friday with 2 group sessions offered daily, giving an available schedule for those still needing to work or care for their family.

Accepting all major insurance providers such as:

  • Medicare
  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • CMH (Healthcomp)
  • Tricare-West/Pacific
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Western Growers/Pinnacle
  • UBH/Optum
  • MHN (Healthnet Members)
  • Magellan (MHSA)
  • ILWU-PMA (longshoreman)
  • HMC Healthworks (UFCW), (Beacon), along with offering scholarships and in house financing for those who have no insurance or need assistance
  • Gold Coast/Medical & TriWest available as early as January 2021.

We encourage to call for your Free assessment today, giving way to a Better Quality of Life Now for You.

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Genesis Programs, Inc. is CARF accredited and certified through the Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS) as outpatient providers for substance Use Disorder rehabilitation treatment services. Certification #560032DP Exp. 11/30/2023

"Accreditation is a review to determine if programs/services meet defined international standards of quality in health and human services." ~CARF