Outreach information and phone numbers for those In need

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By Shance Rounce

  • Anger Management/Self insight  –  (818) 824-6968

People who are appointed by court or seeking to improve there insight are encouraged to enquire.

Call Now for a Free Assessment:  (805) 650-3094

  • Moving from Anxiety into Authenticity  –  (805) 669-9247

This Group is centered around developing and deepening a healthy connection with ones self and with others.

  • Group Meditation, Beginners  –  (805) 491-4509

Learn how to meditate and to live more mindfully.

  • DBT Therapy Group (Ongoing)  –  (562) 374-7916

DBT will help you reduce depression, anxiety conflicts , emotional distress, mood swings and improve overall wellbeing.

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  • Domestic Violence  –  (805) 628-4137

A 52 week court approved intervention program.

Call Now for a Free Assessment:  (805) 650-3094

  • Living with Depression  –  (424) 344-5722

This group provides compassion, emotional support, understanding and positive coping skills for those struggling with depression.

  • Social Skills Group  –  (805) 725-5373

Small group focusing on accommodating the exploration and practice of conversation, communication and the subtle nuance involved in acquiring and maintaining friendship.


Call Now for a Free Assessment:  (805) 650-3094

  • Eating Disorder Recovery Group  –  (818) 794-7020

This group is a good fit for those who struggle with chronic relapses/lapses, may have been to multiple treatment centers, or who express ambivalence about starting treatment.

  • Family Support Group for Eating Discorders  –  (805) 307-7541

“ Do you know a loved one who is struggling with an eating disorder? Are you afraid to say or do the wrong thing? Are you worried that you are enbaling versus supprting your loved one?”

  • Eating Disorders  –  (805) 375-5860

Teens and Young adults expolre challenges of Recovering from Anorexia Nervosa.

  • Mindful Mood and Food  –  (818) 975-3160

Join us if you struggle with anxiety and worry before, during and or after a meal, or urges to eat too little.

Call Now for a Free Assessment:  (805) 650-3094

  • Grief and Loss Therapy Group – (805) 246-7432

This group is for men and women needing support while navigating through the stages of grief and person transitions.

  • Grief and loss/Bereavement Group  –  (805) 954-9399

  • Grief & Loss Support Group  –  (818) 946-0786

A safe place to share and explore unexpected emotions.A trusting environement to remimnsise and share memories of your loved ones.

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  • Tools for Empowering Sobriety  –  Call (424) 383-6667

This is for individuals seeking to face and overcome the Stigma of addiction, learn new tools for coping with stress and anxiety.

  • Family Education on Drugs/Alcohol and recovery  –  Call (805) 434-6087

The class is designed for a variety of participants. Family and friends in treatment or concerned over substance use.

  • Sobriety Process Group  –  Call (818) 962-4679

A group where you can share challenges and learn how to manage cravings and triggers.

  • Women in Recovery: Empowerment & Connection  –  Call (805) 283-6985

A 10 weeks participant centered, 6-member, experiential process group for women who are recovering from alcoholism and /or drug abuse.

  • DBT  –  Call (805) 307-7715

“Group Therapy”

  • Smart Recovery  –  Call (805) 434-6087

A self help secular group for addictive behaviors. This group is available to participants using other services such as family education class or individual counseling. Non- Religious, just based on tools and strategies.

  • Smart Recovery -Family & Friends  –  Call (805) 434-6087

  • Refuge Recovery

Port Hueneme, CA – Call (805) 570-2200

  • Celebrate Recovery

Camarillo, CA  –  Call (818) 400-4163

Ventura, CA  –  Call (805) 656-7766

Ojai, CA  –  Call (805) 646-1296

Call Now for a Free Assessment:  (805) 650-3094

  • Meditation for Trauma Healing  –  (805) 246-7770

We focus on the behaviors, thoughts and emotions that hold us back.

  • Special Forces/Military/First Responders: CBT  –   (310) 707-1954

Specific Group for Military personnel and first responders who are struggling with PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and transitioning back into civilian life.

  • Women’s Café: Relationships, Transitions, Growth  –  (805) 876-9598

This is a small bi-weekly group focused on difficult, unhealthy, toxic relationships, self-esteem, coping mechanism and strategies for change managing through trauma and grief.

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"Accreditation is a review to determine if programs/services meet defined international standards of quality in health and human services." ~CARF