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$16 – $17 an hour – Full-time The Level II Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Counselor is a certified and considered an on call or part time employee of the Genesis Programs Inc.; with the primary responsibility of assisting the Level III SUD Counselor in the day to day operation and implement the organizations mission, vision, and values to the stakeholders, community, profession, and persons to whom we serve. The Level II SUD Counselor is also the acting mentor for Level I SUD Counselor and a part of the treatment team. To ensure Genesis efficiency, Additional Job Titles may be added to this job description listed below. General Customer Service Screen for eligibility and provide clear documentation on Inquiries in accordance with Genesis standards. Provide referrals or other community resource for inquiries Delivery of Treatment • Ensure participant scheduling for initial clinical assessment (EBSA), well-checks, pre-mid, pre-exit and conjoined sessions. • Administer initial clinical assessment (EBSA), well-check, pre-mid, and pre-exit appointments • Provide referrals or other community resource for current participants • Screen for, and utilize other assessment tools, and when appropriate refer out • Administer Conjoined Sessions • Facilitate/Co-facilitate education and process group for IOP and PHP levels of care • Facilitate/Co-facilitate education and process group for Family Night • Ensure group guidelines are reviewed when new participants arrive • Ensure groups are starting on time, breaks are given on time and both are ending on time • Ensure groups are versatile and educational topics are appropriate for participants level of care and needs • Develop treatment plans participant centered along with participant input and assessments • Documentation is completed in accordance with the organizations standards • Create treatment goals clearly, distinctly define the problems, objectives must be measurable, and interventions are therapeutic (e.g. reality therapy, strategic family therapy, participant-centered therapy, CBT, DBT, etc.) • Administer intakes & orientations • Ensure Coordination of care has been initiated with participants outside providers Crisis Interventions Ensure critical incident reports are completed in accordance with the organizations P&P manual Unit Maintenance Ensure charts are Pre-built in correct order Ensure charts are broken down with completed discharge summary in accordance to the organizations P&P manual Ensure Family Night packets are built Ensure participant Survival Kits are built • Ensure the workstation is clean and properly stocked for the next shift • Participant Billing • Distribute billing statements • Collect participant payments and ensures information is securely placed in the office managers basket or (if in Thousand Oaks office) information has been entered correctly into the computer and filed in the administrative directors office • Qualifications and Education Requirements • Skills and Abilities • Crisis Intervention skills • Cultural, Gender, Age, Lifestyle Sensitive • Must be proficient in the 12-Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous • Active Listening Techniques • Organized and Perceptive • Motivational Interviewing Skills • Negotiation Skills • Critical Thinking Skills • Dependable • Handles Stress Efficiently • Detail-Oriented • Takes Initiative • Working Knowledge of Office Equipment (e.g. computers, scanners, faxes, and phone lines) Education and Certification • Must be certified by one of the California State approved organizations and in good standings • Proficiency in MS Office (MS Excel and MS Outlook, in particular) and other office software packages Key Competencies • Adhere to Participant Confidentiality Guidelines • Adhere to the Professional Code of Conduct • Maintain Professional Relationship with Participants and Personnel • Work Cooperatively as a Team Player • Excellent Communication Skills • Problem Analysis and Assessment • Problem Solving Skills • Good Decision Making • Proficient Time Management • Attention to Detail and High Level of Accuracy • Delegation of Authority and Responsibility • Information Gathering and Monitoring • Initiative • Integrity • Adaptability Additional Notes • – Recipients who report a history of substance misuse, abuse or addiction must have a minimum of 3 years substance free. • Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential job-functions. Job Type: Full-time Pay: $16.00 – $17.00 per hour Schedule: • Day shift • Night Shift COVID-19 considerations: Genesis Programs Inc.’s facility

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Genesis Programs, Inc. is CARF accredited and certified through the Department of Healthcare Services (DHCS) as outpatient providers for substance Use Disorder rehabilitation treatment services.