Treatment Success

A group of friends enjoying a picnic.What Constitutes Successful Treatment?

Some basic goals of treatment:

•To achieve and maintain abstinence.
•To increase participant & family understanding of addiction as a primary disease.
•To increase participant and family understanding of relapse warning signs.
•To rebuild trust and healthy communication between participant and family.
•To introduce participant and family to 12 step support groups.
•To increase participant and family self-esteem.

Other goals of treatment will be identified as a result of our clinical assessment process. Our experienced counseling staff work with the participant to identify what the participant hopes to gain from treatment and how we can help achieve those goals.

As treatment goals are identified, an individualized treatment plan is developed. Measurable objectives are established to determine progress toward achievement of these goals.

The successful completion of primary treatment is determined by the achievement of goals, not some arbitrary number of sessions.

What you can expect from our treatment program:

• Structure, support and accountability.
• Individual counseling throughout treatment.
• Individualized treatment planning.
• Assistance in the development of a personalized relapse prevention plan.
• Random alcohol/drug testing.
• Involvement of personal therapist and/or psychiatrist.

Application of educational concepts such as:

• Patterns of Relapse
• Changing Attitudes
• Increasing Self Worth
• Medical Aspects of Addiction
• Psychological Aspects of Addiction
• Spirituality Nutrition & Exercise
• Disease Concept
• High Risk Situations
• Hidden Anger
• Internal & External Pressures
• 12-Step Overview
• Guided Meditation

What to expect from our multifamily group:

•A weekly multifamily group in addition to family support throughout the treatment stay.
•Opportunity to rebuild trust and develop healthy communication skills.

Multifamily Group Education Topics Include:

• Assertive Communication
• Conflict Resolution
• Setting Boundaries
• Medical Aspects of addiction – what families must know
• Codependency/Enabling
• Fighting Fair
• Roles of the Family
• Introduction to Al-Anon
• Relapse warning signs for the family
• Building healthy relationships

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